Shoes for Women from Cole Haan Australia

When buying women’s shoes online it can be difficult to choose between style and comfort. Luckily, Cole Haan creates women’s shoes that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear.

Our women’s oxfords incorporate the latest in breathability and reductive engineering, resulting in a beautiful, streamlined shoe that feels as if you are wearing socks into the boardroom (or your home office). Our loafers provide all-day comfort, taking you from your first morning latté, through a full day of shopping and out for a casual dinner. You’ll never feel down at heel in a pair of Cole Haan sneakers, they’re fashionable enough to be equally at home in jeans or a suit.

These days, women need more from their shoes. What’s the use in a closet full of shoes that can only be worn for one or two occasions? Cole Haan has always provided shoes for women that blur the line between all-day comfort and style. The attention to craftmanship, modern styling and quality materials that go into a Cole Haan product cannot be replicated. For the woman who is constantly raising the bar, these are shoes that will go the distance.