Shoes for Men from Cole Haan Australia

The days of single category men’s shoes are behind us. Casual shoes for men can’t be sloppy. Workout shoes need to be stylish enough to wear outside the gym. Dress shoes aren’t always the right answer for a suit.

Cole Haan has always provided shoes for men that blur the line between all-day comfort and style. All too often men’s casual shoes signal the wrong image and men are forced to choose between bulky, unfashionable casual shoes or faddish and uncomfortable work shoes. Our sneakers, loafers, oxfords and boots are as comfortable in a weekend café or wine bar as they are in the boardroom or home office. Many of our styles can take a man from workout, to work, to play. The attention to craftmanship, modern styling and quality materials that go into a Cole Haan product cannot be replicated. For the man who is constantly raising the bar, these are shoes for men that will go the distance.